Your Enthusiasm is our Geniality.

The ROI Event was created, organized and produced by Genius Academy.

Genius Academy is a visual arts academy located in Rome. It was born in 2012, ideated and founded by director Pasquale Russo.

It has Digital Painting, Concept Art and Digital Illustration as its educational focus.

Transparency, Passion and Professionalism are our ethical principles, as are the human relationship and respect towards our students and the whole team.

Our goal is to want to train new professionals capable of transmitting new lifeblood into the Visual Arts market.

Training is provided through intensive Master’s courses, where each student will have the opportunity to acquire all the skills necessary for building what will later be a real profession.

Each course has as its common goal to share a personal growth of study, through a fun, exciting and challenging path.

This is in part who we are. The rest come and find out directly at Genius Academy!


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