Darek Zabrocki

Concept Artist, Illustrator

Darek Zabrocki is a polish concept artist working in film, games and entertainment industry in general. He is also a CEO of Focal Point School.

Making art was always his biggest passion since it was giving Darek an extra positive energy.

The first, big artistic change happened in early 2007 when he switched from traditional to digital media. This event led him to become a concept artist. After a couple of years of hard work and dedication to digital art, Darek started working on AAA projects for industry leading companies such as Disney, Sony or Ubisoft.

Besides creating art he also loves sharing the knowledge.

Last year, he started his own concept design studio. Along with a dedicated team Darek always stands for “Quality over quantity” providing a wide range of design services.

Some of the titles Darek contributed to include: Planet of the Apes, Love Death+Robots, Sonic, Assassin’s Creed, Call of Duty, Destiny, and many more.

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