Even Amundsen

Concept Artist, Illustrator

From the calm inner vikes of the Oslo fjord, Even has done as his forefathers did. Though substituting sword, ship and pillage for pen, paper and bad jokes, he has gone forth to lay a conquered world upon the altars of the Old Ones in an ink-stained offering, one drawing at a time.

Mostly even does his villainous work in character design for video games, movies and general world building, though he tries his hand at the more traditional media as well in working up murals and filling sketchbooks as best he can, thought work-side of his output takes up most of his time. 

In design he focuses on believability over realism, in world design over aesthetic design and most of all on the principle of emergent immersion through consistent application of overarching constraints. 

Even has worked for companies such as Blizzard, Ubisoft, Riot, Volta, Artifex Mundi, Trollheim, Wizards of the Coast and Games Workshop.

He is also working on his own fantasy world of Tegn.

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