Golden Roi

Digital Illustration


Golden ROI 2024 Winners – 2nd Edition

1st Place – Jacob Shade (Denmark)

Title: “
Workshop Wonderland


A woodworker shows his grandchildren a passion project he’s worked on for a long time – a tiny, handcrafted adventure set in his toolbox.
In the toolbox, little figurines of the grandchildren are taken on a decorated walk through the seasons of the year.
Around the family and hanging from the ceiling are the woodworker’s older works, his works in progress, and his tools, spread out into all corners of the cozy workshop.
At the end of the journey a figurine in the grandfather’s image hands over a model of the toolbox to the figurines of the grandchildren. In the process, he hopes to pass on some of the joy he feels when creating and sharing stories.

2nd Place – Gabriel Vissichelli (U.S.A.)

Title: “
Own Little World


A boy is so mesmerized in his imagination of a new world that reality starts to break down.

3rd Place – Andrea Negroponte (Italy)

Title: “
Sneezing The Fight


Do you know the cartoon “Let’s explore the human body”? now imagine it within a story,  which antibodies train hard from birth, to fight viruses, with the promise of keeping the body healthy and protected.
Like in an action scene, we can see how our antibodies are fighting during a sneeze.
So don’t hold your nose the next time you have to sneeze, otherwise  you will deprive the antibodies of their dream of protecting you.


Honorable Mentions

Souhaib Zekri (Morocco)
Title: “Apocalypse Dice”


This world is an RPG game table board , Where the players throw a dice when they start the game.
That dice is called the apocalypse dice, each side of it had a different apocalypse scenario which shapes the storyline of the game later, but meanwhile the apocalypse is how you begin the game it’s also the end for most people and adventurers living inside the game.
The apocalypse scenario I have chosen for this illustration is an invasion by unknown monsters from the sky.

Lorenzo de Sanctis (Italy)
Title: “Every Day is an Adventure”


Following the brief, I focused mainly on creating a world. When does someone create a world?
As a concept artist, I instantly thought of an artist, and for the story, I added a mother who creates something with her little children.
I started creating something around this story, and I realized that when we were little, we created lots of worlds while playing, and everything and every day is a new adventure. 

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